Debug Golang in win64+GoClipse environment

The problem

Making GoClipse environment debuggable, with the following versions.

  • OS :Windows10 64bit
  • Golang :1.10.1,64bit
  • Eclipse:Oxygen.3 Release(4.7.3)
  • GoClipse: 0.16.1

This problem exists because, for some reason, when debugging Go programs with MinGW-w64 gdb in GoClipse, the following error occurs, and the debugger is stopped.

  gdborig.exe has stopped working

The problem maybe is related to the issue of cmd/compile: gdb 8 on windows crashes reading Go binary


The problem can be solved by one of the following two solutions.

  1. Solution 1 : use gdb64.exe contained in LiteIDE as the debugger, instead of MinGW-w64 gdb.
  2. Solution 2 : use MinGW-w64 gdb with version before 7.10(※1)with the external link mode(※2)
    ※1 tested working version : gdb 7.10 contained in mingw-w64\x86_64-5.4.0-posix-seh-rt_v5-rev0
    ※2 the build command

      go install -v -gcflags "-N -l"  -ldflags="-v -linkmode external" hello