Monitoring:the distinction between metrics and tracing

In service monitoring, metrics and distributed tracing are relevant but different concepts, each having its own purpose. this article in spring blog gives a clear explanation and perfectly solved my confusions about the two. I made a summary on the distinction between them in a comparison table as is shown below.

Metrics Distributed Tracing
information granularity system as a whole subsystem latency
whether pre-aggregated YES ※1 NO ※1
whether downsampled NO YES
monitoring systems Prometheus, … Zipkin, …

※1 For example, in a system that Service A calls Service B, Metrics data will contain the overall  throughput, the latency statistics of (max, min, average) of Service A and B.
On the other side, A distributed tracing system will tell you that for a particular request, Service A took 50ms and Service B took 90ms.